About us


Amber Brewery’s goal is to  provide the best beer at the best price.


Our portfolio consists of two beers: Toronto House Lager and Chicago Dark – both brewed locally in small batches in order to keep the process clean and simple. The result is premium craft beer sold at the most competitive prices in the city. 


Toronto House is the result of over 20 years of testing, perfecting, and carefully mastering a true clean tasting lager. Our goal was to create a smooth, mild tasting beer that had no preservatives or additives in the recipe, as a result only 4 ingredients are used:

Purified water
German hops
Canadian malt
Bottom cropping yeast culture
Keeping the process precise and making sure that every batch is as good as the last is paramount to Toronto House’s taste. Each brew has a primary fermentation at 7 days and 9º celsius and then aged between 5-6 weeks at 5º celsius before clean filtration. 


Chicago Dark is a more full bodied dark beer that is closer to an amber in taste and recommended for those who are looking for a more relaxed and mature drinking experience. Like Toronto House, Chicago Dark is also offered at the most competitive price possible.

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